Monday, June 21, 2010

The perfect eyebrows.....

This Saturday, I left the kids with my Renaissance Soulmate and headed into town, for the spring mani/pedi so the flip flop days of summer could begin!! After pedi, my lovely Asian artist was complementing me on my need for acrylics for this girl......only in the next breathe to say, "You wax eyebrows?". I raised mine in surprise, "You do that here?". And she replied, " need wax eyebrows!" . Straight, blunt and to the point, $10 later, I now have the most beautiful brows ever!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Where have I been????? Killing myself, self induced! Last week end the hugmongous and successful Marvin Sale, in inclement weather! Then hot on it's heels, a damsel in distress, her home had sold and she needed to be out, out, out!! Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we priced, priced, was yesterday but I have not heard outcome. Where am I today?? See below!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Ham Sam at the Hoop Jam!!

Here in Sheridan the first week end that school lets out is the annual 3 on 3 Hoop Jam, where teams of three beat the tar out of themseleves on a half court. All divided by grades to form the competition. Since Sam is mighty small for her size she opts every year to distract them with what she calls "crazy hair" and on court antics! Thus, far it hasn't earned her the win but every year we make the hair bigger and bigger! Age 16 should be plenty interesting!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Good for what ails ya!!

Going through old recipes and found this one for liniment! Hard to read but goes like this:
Tintcure Capsicurn  1oz
Aqua Amonia 1 oz
Chloroform 1 oz
Gum of Caurphor 3/4 oz
Oil of Orgaurum 1/2 oz
Oil of Sassafrass 1/2 oz
Oil of Cedar 1/2 oz
Alcohol 1 pt

Wow! Our kids have it good! If the Chloroform didn't kill you the alcohol probably would!!