Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I've done it now...put it out there!!

Born in a Barn

First Fall Sale, October 14th and 15th, 2011

I am currently in the process of putting together a sale that will be called Born in a Barn. This type of sale is very popular all over the United States, one of the biggest being Round Top Texas (go to I am not looking at doing something on this large of scale!! These sales enable people who love to collect, refurbish or make things to have the opportunity to retail their items in a supportive, collective environment! A couple of guys in Washington State have a sale called Barn House, they invite friends of theirs to set up shop for the weekend at their farm (go to, their friends in turn invite them to set up shop at their sale (go to And round and round they go! There is nothing except for the occasional craft show at a school gym or hotel around here. I want to put it together so we have a quality of goods similar to the antiques that Neltji offers (at prices regular people can afford). With out having to maintain a store front and no employee costs, the goods can be sold at prices that are reasonable. This letter is going out to a very few of you I have met here and there. Starting out small is fine with me, starting out big is fine with me too…..finding vendors to pack up and come to Highway 14 in Sheridan, Wyoming will be a little bit of a challenge, but I’m not scared! I’m hoping to have an organizational meeting around mid August. If any of you have people you think would be interested and would fit into this kind of sale, please let me know. I can make an appointment to see their goods and go from there! Any input is greatly appreciated and you can e-mail me at this address:

So excited for this new adventure!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Speaking of Abundance......

When we lived in town we had a sheepwagon in our yard that the kids always played in and it was a focal point of my yard.......then we moved to a ranch? What better place for a sheep wagon.....the father-in-law had better ideas and wisked it away to somewhere else...... so I was very sad :( ......until one day we were touring the hunting land behind us with our neighbor who owns it, we went in a big ranch circle, opening and closing lots of gates, and came out up the road at his place. He's showing us around, and all of his tractors, and what's that right behind the tractors?? A fully restore, refurbished as good as brand new sheep wagon!! Why is it in the barn? Don't know what else to do with it, why? You want it at your place? Next to the bunkhouse for overflow kids and vacationers?? Why, yes, yes, I do! Great.....I'll just bring it right on over and you can have it every summer!!  Well.......thank you Abundance!!
And here she is in all her glory! I haven't tricked it out yet......she will be magical then!!


Ask and you shall receive!! HOLY COW! Or I should say HOLY CANNING JARS! I was thinking I need a dozen or so turquoise blue canning jars for a little project I want to sell at Born in a Barn this I toddle into to town to help a friend with a garage sale.....scuttle and chat tells me of a huge, hord across town....not to be left out of the hord.....right over I go......and the objects of my desire, where waiting for me 10 fold!!

All of these so I can make these!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011 this.......

First I did January and February of this year!!

Brave Girls Club

Now I'm going to this...........scarey because I have to really decide who I want to be when I grow that I am almost 50!

Brave Girls Club

And the cherry on top is going to be this in July!!

Brave Girls Club

If you haven't you should! You'll love it, you'll love it!!