Friday, June 24, 2011

Speaking of Abundance......

When we lived in town we had a sheepwagon in our yard that the kids always played in and it was a focal point of my yard.......then we moved to a ranch? What better place for a sheep wagon.....the father-in-law had better ideas and wisked it away to somewhere else...... so I was very sad :( ......until one day we were touring the hunting land behind us with our neighbor who owns it, we went in a big ranch circle, opening and closing lots of gates, and came out up the road at his place. He's showing us around, and all of his tractors, and what's that right behind the tractors?? A fully restore, refurbished as good as brand new sheep wagon!! Why is it in the barn? Don't know what else to do with it, why? You want it at your place? Next to the bunkhouse for overflow kids and vacationers?? Why, yes, yes, I do! Great.....I'll just bring it right on over and you can have it every summer!!  Well.......thank you Abundance!!
And here she is in all her glory! I haven't tricked it out yet......she will be magical then!!

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