Saturday, July 30, 2011

Brave Girls Camp

Brave Girls Camp July 2011, was everything promised and MORE! That's Miss Melody in the middle and who knows what the pose is about. She is exactly who she is on the video's. She laughs, she crys, she looks you right in the eyes, she is in the moment, and the next moment distracted by someone else's moment. There isn't a fake, mean, self serving cell in her body. She is truly on a mission to empower women and you know what.....she is succeeding!
 When we arrived we were greeted with so much love and acceptance it almost felt surreal! As Miss Angel (in photo below) later admitted that she thought...."Oh great, beautiful fake people.....". It is sad to think we have become so jaded as a society that we immediately think a stranger couldn't embrace us and love us.
 Also that first night, I was paired up with Miss Angel. As we got ready to try and sleep that night in our shared Queen sized bed.....she looks over at me and says, "I flew all the way across the country to sleep with a white girl from Wyoming! This better be worth it!". Turns out the picked the perfect ornery girls to share a room and our lives!
 There were break throughs and break downs. But there was always the perfect person right there to listen and help put the pieces back together. Coincidence? I don't think so.
 There was laughter, love, stories, history, culture, tales, more and more and more of the same! We learned to lock it down and Shhhhhhhhhh......both incredibly powerful tools. Thank you Miss Tanya!!
 Some came with their best friends and we all got to share in their trust and love for each other, and then we found we could trust and love everyone there, instantly I had 20+ new best friends!
 Some came with their mothers and we got to share in their beautiful relationship. We could celebrate the love we have for our mothers or mourn the love we never had, either way we were healed!
 And then there was ART, everyone is an artist and this proves it. The art that was created was amazing and gallery worthy. But the conversations being held while the creating was going on was the real work and the real art!
 Everyone was transformed from tired, worn out, distrustful, to rejuvinated, revived and loved!! In other word BEAMING just like the beautiful Miss Julia!!
There is move to come, but I knew I better get something up here! I stole all of these photos from my fellow campers, I know they won't mind.....I was just too busy to take my camera out!! I will truly remember this experience FOREVER, life changing, indescribable until you experience for yourself!! Be Brave, love Shelley