Monday, December 27, 2010

Have your photo taken...........

You've probably deduced by now that my sister is a professional photographer! I love, love, love her work! Her photo's of my children, friends, pets, Wyoming, everything. Not so hip on photos of myself. Ususally, she points the camera at me to check the light and I'm out of there! About a month ago, she laid down the gauntlet and demanded I bring it and have my 'own' photo shoot. There isn't much that I won't tackle and I had to go deep inside to figure out why this made me so uncomfortable! To make matters worse, she said nothing, zero, zip, nada about the resulting photos. Mindy is usually so excited aobut her shoots that she immediately shares a few of her favorites before finishing the edit. Me, nothing, so my worst fears had come true, I am not photogenic, none of the shots worked, she couldn't even fix it in photoshop! She's my sister, so you think I would ask, I'm not shy about touchy subjects, but nooooooo, I don't ask, I just stew, marinate and roll around in my own little sadness over my physical demise. Then on Christmas Eve, she hands me the photos. I'm no cover girl but these aren't bad! So I'm just saying, ladies, have your photo taken, for your kids, your husband, but mostly for yourself! You'll see you in a whole different light, like the rest of the world sees you, because they don't see all of the flaws we think the see. Just the good stuff!!                                                                                

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

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