Monday, May 31, 2010

little books

While we have been sorting thru this sale we have found so many tiny little books....while waiting for a file to load in my office I realized someone else has a thing for tiny little books.....guess that would be me!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Buried for 30 years, now there is so much interest!

As we continue to unearth the bits and pieces of Florence's life (and she saved and labeled them all) we have come to know not only her, but her son Marvin, his two sisters, her mother and her mothers sister, a spinster teacher. And to complete the portrait, Mavin's children, Sherry and Doyle. Of course, they have children too but the boxes of their lives are not amoungst these generations. These estate sales only last a few weeks of work for us, but a lifetime for those who collected it. I hope to take the time while my parents are living to integrate the pieces of their lives into our lives so my girls will know what they are getting and what it meant to the giver. Possesions are precious only if you know the life behind them.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Renaissance Chairs

These beautiful adirondacks started out their life in town at a friends house, now they have moved to our ranch. Painted a beautiful turquoise to match the bunkhouse!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The make up doesn't matter

Went to a vigil last for a friend who lost her beautiful 20 year old daughter, when I hugged her she said "I've got to quit crying so my makeup stays on", I replied "Oh, Christine, it's not about the make up". It never is. When we lose someone we love it's not about the exterior, it's about the way they made you feel, it's the feelings, the presence, the love we are greiving. So today I'm going focus on the feeling, the presence and the love of those I am surrounded by. In honor of a beautiful young lady taken too soon, Molly Claire.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Estate sale for Marvin channeling Florence!

The cast and crew of Real Estate Rehab took on the Estate sale of a sweet young (83) man named Marvin, little did we know this sale was not about Marvin. It is all about a woman we will never have the pleasure of meeting, his mother Florence. We know that she had at least two homes, maybe three, chok full with all of the bits and pieces of her life, and when that life was over, Marvin cleaned out both homes and stored all contents in attic, basement, garage and carriage house, never to be enjoyed again until now. We have sifted, sorted and snorted (dust) for days and here are just a few of the many treasures we have found.  

Friday, May 14, 2010


My girlfriend, Jilly, can never remember what i call these little arrangements that seem to grow of their own accord in my home. I call them Jumbles, this one started out innocently enough, an old measuring beaker, then a wishbone joined it, next a tea bob, a couple of mismatched earrings destined to be come magnets, a few crosses taken off a picture frame, an antique watch and a tiny, tiny clear glass bottle. It took a few months as it matured on my kitchen sink, now it is its own form of art. The art of Jumbles! Try one on your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, laundry......anywhere bits and bobs have a tendency to accumulate!!