Friday, May 28, 2010

Buried for 30 years, now there is so much interest!

As we continue to unearth the bits and pieces of Florence's life (and she saved and labeled them all) we have come to know not only her, but her son Marvin, his two sisters, her mother and her mothers sister, a spinster teacher. And to complete the portrait, Mavin's children, Sherry and Doyle. Of course, they have children too but the boxes of their lives are not amoungst these generations. These estate sales only last a few weeks of work for us, but a lifetime for those who collected it. I hope to take the time while my parents are living to integrate the pieces of their lives into our lives so my girls will know what they are getting and what it meant to the giver. Possesions are precious only if you know the life behind them.

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