Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring in Wyoming

Like the "snow" cap? this is our heater/ warming light for those chill spring BBQ's, there aren't enought BTU's to thaw this party!!

Yep, we used the BBQ last week and now the poor thing is 18 inches burgers today!

Yes, this is spring time in Wyoming. The reason I read alot of blogs, because we are invaribly snowed in like this a couple of times per year. I put on the muck boots, brush the snow off the sattelite and blog the days away! But today is different, after receiving 18 inches of snow they are now predicting 60 mile per hour gusts that will no doubt throw the cows up against the barn and insure that we remain house bound for another 24 hours, that combined with a house full of children, dogs and more has driven me to report this type of abuse to the masses in the land of blogs! There is lots more to tell as I traverse this life as a Renaissance Soul in Wyoming!!

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