Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dressing Table/ Vanity's @ the Paris Apartment

Claudia at the is having a vanity for humanity pic posting! Go see all of the beautiful vanity's there! I really use mine though, not just a pretty picture!I love, love, love my vanity and have had one since I was 14, can't imagine not sitting down to my daily rituals every day! Every one should have one, none of this standing in the bathroom stuff!!

The above is my jewelry, accessory dresser! All of the bling lives here!
My vanity sits in a nitch that was part of the original homestead house, 2 foot thick stone walls form the walls, this was a pass through into a bedroom that now houses a huge bathroom, the vanity if from the 40's and painted a color called Ruby Slippers, the pink chair I got on Ebay for a song, it still goes up and down with a foot pedal and the pink vinyl is original!

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  1. Hi there~ I love your beauty parlor. Do you want to contribute to the cause? Thank you for the mention!