Saturday, August 1, 2009

June? July? Where are you?

i've never been one to wish time away, but June and July 2009, may have been two of my most challenging months. First off, I don't do well with illness or confinement, both of which occured in June with the onset of shingles and then a chest infection that lasted until mid July. Just getting on my feet and ready to enjoy some summer, and a good friend, employees husband, the man who remodeled our current home, passed away by his own hand. Spent the entire last week bringing food to family and supporting my friend. My husband in turn had to do his job and hers, making his life challenging as temps here in Wyoming were only in the mid 60's, hardly summer like weather. So Welcome August, bring on the heat and the renewing strength we need to pick up the pieces of our life and begin anew!

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