Sunday, April 11, 2010

Horns of Hopelessness

These are the horns of hopelessness. They didn't start out that way, but once my sister got involved in my steer head aquisition, they became the horns of hopelessness. It all started with an  innocent radio program, where people can call in and sell things. I heard the advertisement for these horns and looked up the number at Mindy's house. I was given directions and upon realizing where I was headed, insisted said sister accompany me, all the while being intentionally vague about destination. She knows it's not going to be good when we pull behind, low rent hotel and realize people are living in these rooms long term. I, on the otherhand "know" that the best stuff comes from the least likely source, jump right out and knock on door #183.

The seller is there,ready and eager to show me steer head, but when he opens the back of his SUV, it is empty. Not to be deterred he toddles over to another vehicle, no horns. But he'll find 'em and he'll call me. At this point, I know Mindy is filing every detail of my adventure to spin into one huge tale! Off we go, and of course, because I knew he would, the seller calls me and has found disappearing steer head! One more time, to the low rent hotel, back in the alley and the steer head is mine. From this day forward to be known as the horns of hopelessness and one more huge story to add to my sisters arsenal of things that could only happen to me!!

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