Tuesday, September 14, 2010

They came, three by three!

Any one wanting to claim this crew?? One dog......two goats!! At large!! Just trip trapping down our lane on a Sunday afternoon. By Monday, I decided to post their picutres on Facebook! And it looked like this!

"Cmon people!! You would notice if these guys were missing from your home!! Escapee #1, looks innocent but is truly the leader of goat gang!!"

Accomplise (sp) number two, larger of the two goats and happily hoofing around and eating flowers, trees, etc!!

And, ths smallest member of the gang, but probably the most dangerous!! Follows the previous two but answers to no one!! Please share this all around the Facebook, as children are becoming quickly attached and you know who everyone will be mad at in the end!! End the crime spree of the goat gang on Highway 14!!

 And it ended with this!!
Goat gang rescued!! Thanks to all who shared and forwarded dog + 2 goats on the loose! Their owner called and they have been picked up and spirited home.....but they really liked it here and I'm sure now that they know the route they'll be by for visits!!

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