Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hit the Thrifts and found a few lovelies!!

Found such lovely things! The black leather coat on the left is J.Crew, fit me perfectly and is worn to a buttery softness! Who would give this up? It is hanging of this beautiful handmade crate.....I love old wooden boxes!

A worn, loved bible, smaller book is The Words of Jesus, two silver cups, one for Pat and one for Tim, a turquoise bottle and emerald green dish!

Little retro Avon bottles!

A trove of silver spoons, in a black Hagar planer, a silver footed canlde holder with another little Avon bottle in it!

Couldn't resist the best sport stories of 1963 (the year I was born) and I'm a sucker for worn out baseballs, my nephew Isaac plays and will be leaving for college soon on a baseball scholarship!

But the best find of the day was a perfect, gorgeous, light pink wedding dress for my sisters photo shoot to promote wedding photography! We had been asking the universe for one we could afford and there she was in all of her $25 glory! Thrilled!!

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  1. Thrifting is so much fun, wish I could do more of it. I've 'mapped out' my favorites in the area where I live, so when I have a Saturday afternoon to myself, I pack shopping bags and hit the road!

    I love Haeger Pottery, I have some white bisque and blue shiny pots in my studio. I remember as a kid taking a 'day trip' with my family to the factory.