Saturday, May 7, 2011

My life with metal!!

I have a LOVE, LOVE, LOVE of metal! I love it in any form it comes in! So when I saw the metal Saturday at Freckled Laundry I was overjoyed! This is just a samll sample of the metal that abounds in my house!!

The HUGE table was found in an antique mall in Billings, wasn't metal then but 1980's glass with brass, the glass panels popped right out and it was instantly rustic with heavy sheet metal in place!

My counters in the kitchen are sheet metal with angel iron edges! I love how they patina are indestructable!

Vintage metal stools from the science lab in my old junior highschool, bought at auction.

Keys collected and saved in silver serving bowl, you can see more metal objects in the background, from door knobs to tea balls.....I'm fascinated with all of it's uses!

Vintage locks and door knobs sit right beside the bowl of keys....I've had kids spend hours seeing if they can get one to open!!

Salvaged tin roofing on the walls of my summer porch!

Dark metal diamond plate on the stairs of our home, continues to patina and wear with time.

An old store counter serves as our island in the kitchen. Sheet metal and angle iron serve as the top, supported by salvaged corbels and metal stools....we live around this island!

This antique tool box serves time now as a polish station, somone took alot of time to put metal tacks in to form the word TOOLS, on the left are more metal touches on corners and drawers!
I've got lots more but this is all I have time for right now!! I'm linking to freckled laundry

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  1. Great use of metal! Your love for it certainly shows. I adore those stools, especially! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with my party.