Sunday, September 25, 2011

There are no coincidences???

Earlier this week on Pinterest, I spotted this most awesome, altered guitar, and pinned it. I don't play but it  was so awesome, I loved it, maybe one day I would find a guitar and do something like it! It's gorgeous, right?

Then yesterday I was googling around looking for stuff for my sale, in the junk, gypsy, cowgirl type theme, didn't find too much, till about three pages in this guitar pops up with a link to Etsy......could it be true? Could delicious, eye candy guitar actually be for sale? I clicked.....thinking, this is a really old link, no way it will still be there, but what if it is? And since we live with the slowest internet in the land, I really and truly had the time to think all of this stuff......finallly the page starts to open and lo and behold there she is! Still available and at a price I could totally afford. In my giddy excitement, I send the artist a note, how I'm in awe, and can't believe I get to have this, and how much I love her work, and blah, blah, blah......afterwards, I'm thinking WOW you freaky Etsy stalker. Then I quickly buy gorgeous Soul Guitar, Paypal, so the money is there instantly. What a great day.

But gets better!! I KNOW!!

This is the reply from my purchase:
You sent a payment of $XXX.XX USD to Shelly Boles (

Are you freaking kidding?? Her name is name is Shelley!!! I KNOW!!
Of course, I can't stand it one second and quickly send her another e-mail (this kind of harassment might cost me the guitar but I have to let her know!!):
"And then I get the confirmation and we are both named Shelley!! Sometimes stuff is just too freaky!! Can't wait to hear from you and see if you think this is amazing?? Shelley"
But she is a kindred spirit and replies:
Hi Shelly!
Im about to head out of town tomorrow or I might write a book here, but YES I think its amazing too. Love it in every way!! Can't wait to ship the guitar out to you! Of course I would love to do some wholesale for you...Ill email when I return home on Tuesday. Thanks so much for the emails. It just made my weekend fabulous!

WOW! WOW! I can't wait till I can really find out the whole story behind my guitar and tell her about being a renaissance soul and we have the same name and.........................................


  1. I absoultly love your story!!! I can not wait to see a photo of you holding that pink baby! I actually have a comment way off the subject. I saw a comment you left on another blog and I just wanted to tell you how wonderfully wise I thought it was! So wisly wonderful I wanted to come on over to your blog for a visit. How happy I am to have found you.

  2. Loved reading your guitar story. I would like to know if this gal that sold you the guitar makes other things and sells them as well? Anyway, I am going to become a follower of your blog, because I love Wyoming, even though I don't live there. My Larry Bear does, but it is a long story to why he is there and I am way over here in California. Hugs, Francine