Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dick Blick Bliss!!

I love, love, love, love...................Dick Blick! It is supply nirvana at great prices. And yes, Mod Podge by the GALLON!! So this morning at 7:30 I spotted the Fed Ex truck coming down the lane.....could it be? Yes, it was!
One gallon matt Mod Podge! Aint she purdy!

Sharpie mettallic paint pens, three sizes of White paint Sharpies, and the lovely, indestructable E6000 glue!

In my Dick Blick Bliss, I hoist said gallon of Podge above my head and sing the Hallelujah Song, which is just like the Shut Up song only with different words. This puts the 13 year soul right over the edge of her tenuous hold on a good morning and she say, and I quote......"Thanks Mom, the Hallelujah song is now responsible for the worst morning of my life!". Really??


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  2. WHAT FUN! Mod Podge is the BEST:)

    I am in the Blog Hop this weekend and a fellow Brave Girl. Just wanted to say hi before the weekend:)

  3. Modge podge by the gallon eh? LOL You are a girl after my own heart...well my choice would be Gesso by the gallon, just as useful and fun LOL KWIM?
    Just droppping in from the Brave Girls link, I will be back

  4. I love Dick Blick.
    and ModPodge by the gallon.