Friday, April 17, 2009

First Estate Sale of the Season!!

Jean Nate soap in fun colors!!

In Wyoming, there are only two seasons........winter and summer. We got from below zero to 85 in about two days.......not much spring and not much fall.......therefore there are no sales, yard, estate, barn, nothing for about 8 months of the year. Today I was driving along through the doom and gloom of the day and I spotted it! The first sign of spring!! No it wasn't tulips or daffodils (because the spring snows always eliminate them) it was a big, fat, juicy estate sale with treasures abounding! And here is what I picked up!! Yum-ola!! A cooli-o globe, a black cross with you know who on it, a block city with, and I quote "the most authentic plasti block building set with complete intstructions", a $$ box with lock for all of my big bills and the chair!! Made my day! mmmmmmwha!!

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