Friday, January 7, 2011

Brave Girls Community

Just joined the Brave Girls Community as the Soul Restoration class starts next week and I am so excited to get to communicate with so many others that maybe, think and create, the way I do! It's gonna be such an experience to restore my soul!!


  1. Shelley, I found your blog through Brave Girls and added you to my blog and friend list :-). You look like a kindred spirit :-).

  2. i will see you in class fellow brave girl!!!!

    happy weekend to you


  3. So what do you think of Soul Restoration so far? I finally sat down tonight and got to work. I think it's going to be great.Just what I needed to restore.

  4. Hi Alli, Kolleen and Amy, I have had the luxury of a 13 year old with a bad head cold the last two days. Big fat excuse to stay home. Watched all of the videos yesterday, had a few eye openers last nite, these ideas really make you think! Today I worked on my book and some journal pages that I plan to pour my guts out on! I hope you all are enjoying this as much as I am! Thank you for stopping by my blog!! Shelley