Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Girl of the year award.....ME!

See this statue? She's only about 6 inches tall, but isn't she grand? Strong and regal? All alone in the kitchen department at a thrift store, she lept into my hand......surprisingly she is made of solid metal, heavy and solid! She is my new sponsor this year and look what her base says......

Yep, "girl of the year" 30 years ago some lucky girl got this and this year she's mine! Keep  your eyes peeled, she'll be showing up in many of my posts!!

1 comment:

  1. dear shelley~
    *thank you* SO much for your sweet email this morning...i'm just starting on the videos {this week has been one from hell} so i'm definitely ready to make some changes! i cannot wait to see where this journey takes you dear girl...keep me posted!
    the old truck is a photo of a broken down feed truck on my farm, was my great-grandpa's...sadly no longer running but simply *beautiful* to me!
    talk with you soon..

    prairie XO