Sunday, August 28, 2011

Barn Cleaning..........

Every step we take brings us that much closer to our goal. This week, the mission was to clean the barn. This is not a very fun thing to do, so Jill came over and we literally puked the entire contents of the two bigger sheds onto the barnyard.............upon returning home with Mr Renaissance, oldest daughter Cloie dramatically rolls her eyes so she can see her brain, and declares our place a junk yard. We sorted, stashed, stacked and then power washed. Here are our empty spaces, on for me, one for Jilly!

I couldn't wait and had to have Mr. Renaissance put up these cute metal awnings, inside, yep, inside. Jill's space is on the left, mine on the right! Can't wait to transform them!!

Then these two little Renaissant's in training cleaned out and powerwashed the main barn, and here are all of the stalls, bright and shiny, ready to be filled with vendors goodies!!

It's all ready for beautiful, rusty, restored, refurbished, ready to be loved again goods to grace a new home! What a joy this is to work on, stay tuned for more news from the ranch, and Born in a Barn!

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