Monday, August 29, 2011

Losing's time!

Here is a picture of me, cutting my nephews hair, 4 years ago when we moved out to our ranch. I lifted weights or did cardio, 6 days a week, I was eating good clean food and it showed! I kept at it sporadically that year after moving, then I had surgery, then I got this really bad cold that lasted a whole summer, and then I never got back to it. Well, that hasn't worked out so well for me. Because I went through menopause very early (at 38, the year after I had Sammie) and chose not to take hormone replacement. I'm am a walking magnet for pounds and have managed to attract 30 extra's!! Holy smokes!!
The picture below taken at Brave Girls camp was a real eye opener!! I'm not someone who gets dressed and looks in the mirror at all angles.....not much of my summer stuff fit, but I was okay with that , went up a size, and I must have my jeans really STRETCHED out or they are making those size 8's awfully big!! This is me now!
And the "L" sign we are showing is for "Lock it Up", that can mean pretty much anything, but for me it means I'm lockin it up and losing this flippen weight! And that little gem started today! Got me a new trainer, I know exactly what I need to eat to shed it. 30 pounds is my goal so lets go, lock it up!!

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  1. Just wanted to say this post strikes a chord! When we moved I sat around in our little 2 bdrm apartment with nothing to do I knew I had gained 'a little' weight. I was thinking maybe 5 lbs. After 6 months we had a house & I finally unpacked the scale and realized it was actually 13. Amazing how fast it can happen! You're motivation alone is inspiring - I have no doubt you'll accomplish your goal!