Sunday, November 20, 2011

Just when you think you don't do enough.........

Here's a challenge for you! For some reason this morning I decided to go in and clean up my photo files. When I load my pics to my editing program they automatically go in by date. If I'm in a hurry, I grab the one I want and post it to facebook, my blog, or send it to a client. So at the end of each year I'm left with lots of files that just have dates on them..............come to find out 2011 was a pretty epic year for me!! It started out with me floundering for direction, ambition and ispiration.................then I took Soul Restoration 1 and 2, from Brave Girls Club, found this photo of my vision board which I LOVE!!

Then we all packed up and went to Sayulita, Mexico.....the whole crew and it was magical!! And WARM!!

There were graduations, first day of highschool, first day of junior high, therefore lots of lasts as well.....

We had lots of parties, birthdays and weddings, and some just for the heck of it!!

And I went to Brave Girls Camp in McCall, Idaho and came home with 30 plus new, amazing friends!!
Here's a pic of me and my roommate!
Kathy and Melody, the founders of Brave Girls and who made it all a reality!

The fall out from these photos was I realized how much weight I had gained, 30 pounds in the past three years......thus September 1st I went back to my trainer, cleaned up my food and started doing my cardio on off days, 10 down, many inches gone. 2012 will see a slimmer, fitter, healthier me!!

Another of my big dreams came true in October, Born in a Barn was birthed and what a great success!!
And what I've noticed about everything I write about this past year, it's not ever about things, but who was there..........because in the end you really do just remember how people make you feel!!

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  1. Hi Shelly,
    Thanx for writing and for reading my book! Glad to you enjoyed it.

    Love your site and all your old vintage treasures. Looks exactly like my kind of thing. I even have a Vision Board hanging in my bedroom! Wish I had known about your Born in a Barn shindig.

    If you are on FB, I'd really appreciate it if you would go to my When the Dust Settled FB page and write me a short review. Thanx so much, hope we meet up someday. (I did meet your hubby once at Wilcox)
    Have a Merry Christmas,
    Tammi Littrell