Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wings for Minnie

A real sweetheart named Rach Rogers wrote to me on my blog about getting a pair of wings for her daughter, Minnie. I tried to e-mail her back but I'm pretty sure I've got something wrong with my blog settings because I can never e-mail back....this of course makes me all the more determined to find this person. I found her, and her sweet blog and her story about Minnie. Minnie has had many surgeries and her Mom, Rach, tell her that the scars on her back are her angel wings. I asked Rach why so many surgeries and her reply was,

"She was born with cancer, when they took her tumor out it caused her to get sever scoliosis.
I have almost everything blogged...
she had her first surgery when she was one day old.
her last big one one was last February, she has had a rough ride since this last surgery...",

I don't know if it is because I am nosy, or what, but I always have to know who I am making my wings for, so I can think about them while I am making them, and I like to write a personal note on the back.
These wings are for a very special little girl, and I'm pretty sure this is why they have so much spirit! I hope she likes them and she can fly with no more surgeries.

Just for you, Minnie!



  1. A perfect little sweetie for your wings to go to!!! Awesome!

  2. My heart is so tender. I am sure Shelley that you have been made extraordinary. You have such an amazing grace and love for people. Thank you for showing such love and kindness to my daughter. You have used your talents to bring JOY to my family. We are blessed and humbled

  3. What beautiful wings for a very brave little girl !! This is so touching !!!

  4. Oh Shelley, I am Minnie's grandma called Mema(pronounced meemaw) from Oregon. I had the privalege to be visiting when Minnie received her "Angel Wings" that you made...As you saw..the picture of her reaction is worth a thousand words! She is so special and I absolutely love the "perfect" angel wings you created! Thank you so much for your creation!

  5. What a beautiful way to express love!! Your wings are a gorgeous. Sharing LOVE all the way from the giver to the receiver.