Friday, May 8, 2009


My partner in crime and most consistent side kick, Jilly Bean, called this morning and said, "After we drop off kids and before we work out lets stop by this Estate Sale on Jackson", so we did.....they had just opened the doors and people were checking out with treasures I envied. Then we went in the house, where chaos reined! And there in the midst of it all was the creator, Johnny, saying 'we're not ready for people in the house', which meant virgin territory to me! So we sidled right up to Johnny, smiled real pretty and he said "we" could stay! So we snooped and picked and amassed a pile, when out of the blue Johnny asks a lady if she needs an old fridge? Nope and the subject is dropped. But I think, hmmmmmm, there must be more because there wasn't an old fridge in the house. So Johnny, I'd like to see the old fridge (not really), and off we go with his keys to the lock on the garage! B-I-N-G-O! Remember the gorgeous chair from Turned Antiques last week? There $400, here free~~WHEE! Antique Thread cabinet? Yep, free! Anything in the garage? Yep, free!! Our eyes were rolling around in our heads and we snooped and picked til both rigs were FULL!! Here's what I got, Jilly Bean high tailed it home with her loot!!

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