Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My guitar and new soul sister!!

I posted on September 25th about "There are no coincidences" and there truly aren't. We are all meant to come into each others orbits for a reason, a season, a lifetime........so.........the day before my very first Born in a Barn sale a mysteriously shaped box arrives for me, from Shelly in Texas.........of course I know what is in it but refuse to open it because I am so busy and I want to enjoy it, love it, welcome it to my world!! So I wait until Sunday, I am deliriously tired, exhausted, messed up......but I take lovely box into my room and open it...........just like the picture!! Yea!! And here she is, on my mantel in my bedroom!!

But that's not all!! My friend also sent me this fabulous bracelet!! That I love!
She wanted me to wear it for the show......thank goodness I didn't, the rabid crowd would have ripped it from my arm and ran! But I'm hoping she will send a bunch up for my next sale!!


I know I should be posting Born in a Barn info but I have to get all of the photos from my sister and then I can share my big fat successful 2 day sale!! 

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